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Best Indie Book Award Winner


A powerful attack on the status quo. You didn't pull any punches. I think the drug companies might put out a hit on you. The anecdotes and references provide an extra layering of depth to the conclusions. America's health care system does three things very well: make money, make money, and make money. And if along the way some patients get better....well bravo!

                                                Mike Steele, RN, retired from a Veterans Administration hospital

Fascinating… I read your book in a few days. It is lucid and readable. You share some of the same concerns I have had during my medical career. I think the system is so badly corrupted it is going to need to be demolished and replaced de novo. It is founded on the greedy self-interests of numerous competing groups… Unbridled capitalism has no place in healthcare.

                                                                                    Neal Handel, MD, West Hollywood, CA

The most important message in this book is that much of medicine is questionable theory presented as indisputable fact.

                  Mira de Vries,, Association for Medical and Therapeutic Self-Determination

At first blush, this book could be called a piece of investigative science journalism, but that would presuppose that the information is difficult to find. Rather, this information is open for all to see, yet we ignore it for political or personal reasons. Dr. Yoho’s book is a well written, all-encompassing wake-up call for our dysfunctional and corrupt healthcare system. I hope it will also motivate individuals to take more responsibility for their own health.

                                                                                                               Paul Johnson, D.O.


Skeletons in the medical closet that we need to know.

Rarely are the weeds of healthcare exciting, but this book is an exception. It is a bold charge into the entire medical complex – fast-paced, personal, clear, and real. You not only understand what Dr. Yoho is writing, but you are also excited by it. The accusations here may not all hold up completely intact, and most physicians will probably strongly disagree with at least some of them. On the other hand, most physicians would accept that the forces that Dr. Yoho has identified as shaping medical care are real, pervasive, and toxic. He deserves enormous credit for the extensive research he pulled from medical science, economics, and human psychology to identify these forces.

This book sharpened my understanding of practices familiar to me, e.g., physicians' relationship to pharmaceutical companies. It opened my eyes to problems I never realized existed, e.g., the FDA's dependency on money from the pharmaceutical industry. For anyone burdened by complacency with our health care system, this book will be a terrific antidote.


I have read many books that expose corruption and profiteering in established medicine. However, most focus on a specific aspect of healthcare, such as patient care, costs, or issues with a specialty.


"Butchered by Healthcare" is the first book I have encountered that covers the entire sad spectrum of today's healthcare from the structural biases of insurance, hospitals, clinical trials, and data mining to dangerous drugs and devices to shocking excesses in orthopedics, cardiology, mental health, oncology and pain medicine.

This is also the first medical expose I have found that is fun to read thanks to Dr. Yoho's down-to-earth, droll writing style. Most books by medical professionals are dry, treatise-like, and a chore to read; "Butchered by Healthcare" is irreverent, buoyant, and playful.

The author is not afraid to expose lucrative and well-accepted medical procedures and treatments that don't work--and the powerful associations that push them. "Butchered by Healthcare" will not win him friends within these groups but will among medical professionals and patients who seek to give and receive better care.

Anyone who reads "Butchered by Healthcare" will gain a clearer understanding of the many ways the current healthcare system is rigged and what can be done about it. It is a must-read for those entering the medical fields.


An Insider's View. Well Written. For Anyone Who is or Will Be a Patient.

If you are a patient or ever plan to be a patient (and we'll all be patients one day), you should read this book. It's a cautionary tale of deep problems within our healthcare system. More importantly, Robert Yoho provides information and tools to help patients ask the right questions to find a great doctor, a great hospital, the right medication, and more. The book's underlying foundation is this: Don't be afraid to question assumptions or authority. It's your body. If the healthcare system does not deliver, one person will suffer the primary consequences – you. So, arm yourself with an awareness of the pitfalls, roadblocks, conflicts of interest, and risks. The author is an eloquent writer and a healthcare insider. I can't entirely agree with every assertion in the book. But there's enough material in there to pause and swallow hard. In medicine, what is understood as dogma one day may collapse over time. Science is provisional truth. Don't wait until you get sick to read this book.


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